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  Id : 3706
  Judul : Model kunjungan rumah sebagai metode pembelajaran kedokteran keluarga pada mahasiswa tahap sarjana kedokteran
  Pengarang : Elda Nazriati
  Contributor :
  Kota Terbit : Yogyakarta
  Penerbit : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Gadjah Mada
  Tahun Terbit : 2013
  Diskripsi Fisik : 36 hlm.
  Subyek : home visits, family medicine, preclinic
  Bidang : Kedokteran-Kesehatan
  Publikasi : Karya Ilmiah Hasil Penelitian
  Abstrak :

Background: Educational institutions around the world have been increasingly con- fronted With challenge of making their curricula relevant to the needs of community. It recommended thr.t every ifledical school provide opportunities for students to train in family settings (WHO, 1963). Family medicine is a community-based discipline, but implementation of family medicine teaching in community settings are still many chal- lenges.
Method: The research was conducted in two stages, the first stage is to, create a model home visits and the second phase to test the impact of home visits as a learn- ing method of family medicine. Research was implemented in 110 sixth semester students of Faculty of Medicine, Riau University. The study used a postlest only con- trol group\'design to compare the impact of teaching methods of family medicine in the group using home visits model and group using a combination of lecture and lab exer-cises communication skills.
Results: Student satisfaction of home visits model is higher than the control group (p <0.05), qualitatibve data also support the hypothesis. The doctor-patient communica- tion skills showed no significant difference in the two study groups (p> 0.05), but the qualitative data showed positive impact in communication skills of the home visit group. The ability to plan management of patients with a family medicine approach to home visits groups W3S significantly higher compared with the control group (p <0.05), qualitative data also support the hypothesis. Several themes related to home visits were the advantages of home visits as a learning method; the advantages of commu- nication with home visit model; the benefits of the learning experiences through home visits, the feasibility of the home visit method, and the challenges in the implementa- tion of home visit.
Conclution: the research showed that home visits improve students satisfaction and students ability in planning patiens management with family medicine approach for preclinical students.

  Bahasa : Indonesia
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