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Pertumbuhan Dan Pembuahan Jeruk Besar Okoneng'

Perpustakaan UGM, i-lib (2003) Pertumbuhan Dan Pembuahan Jeruk Besar Okoneng'. Jurnal i-lib UGM.

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ABSTRACT The objective of the experiment was to study the effect of different rootstocks on growth and fruiting of Cikoneng' pummelo. The experiment was conducted at Cikabayan Research Station of Bogor Agricultural University and Laboratory of Center for Crop Improvement Studies of Bogor Agricultural University, from July 2000 to Mei 2001 The selected 21 month-old Vikoneng' pummelo seedlings each cultivated in a polybag sized 40 cm x 50 cm were used in this experiment. All plant materials were maintained in a greenhouse. The treatment consisted of 4 rootstock varieties Le. Swingle Citrumelo, Japansche Citroen, Rangpur Lime and Rough Lemon. The Complete Randomized Design was used for this experiment. Each treatment replicated three times with four plant per replication. Rootstocks did not affect significantly on tree height and sprout number, but it had significant effect on leaf number and leaf area. Number of total flower opened was around 27.3 � 39.72 per plant showed no significant difference among the treatments. However, leafless flowers produced by scions on rootstoscks of J. Citroen, R Lemon and R Lime were higher than those on rootstock of Citrumelo. Scion on rootstock of Citrumelo produced more leafi, flowers than the leafless ones. Rootstocks had no significant effect on fruitset. Fruitset of leafy flowers was around 2.91 � 6.02% higher than those of leafless flowers at around 1.63 � 5.17%. Fruit weight and its edible portion each was around 708.4-802.3 g per fruit and 54.5%-58.5%, having no significant difference among the rootstocks. Total soluble solids and acid contents in fruit juice also showed no significant difference among the treatments each at around 10.8% - 11.3% and 0.35%-0.43%. Key words: scions, rootstocks, leafless and leafy flowers, fruiting, pummelo, 'Cikoneng'

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Jurnal > Jurnal i-lib UGM
Divisions: Perpustakaan UGM
Depositing User: Admin Repo UGM
Date Deposited: 26 Aug 2013 06:20
Last Modified: 18 Jun 2014 00:30

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