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Teknologi pengelolaan tanah dan air pada lahan kering = technology of soil and water management in upland)

Perpustakaan UGM, i-lib (1989) Teknologi pengelolaan tanah dan air pada lahan kering = technology of soil and water management in upland). Jurnal i-lib UGM.

Full text not available from this repository.


The problem faced by farmer in the upland soil are the shortage of water, toxic of iron and alumunium, acid soil, deficiency of nitrogen, as a result of the low soil productivity. A technology of soil and water management by the application of mulch, organic matter and lime will improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and the soil produvtivity will increase. The application of such technology was conducted in latosol soil of Mangunan, Girirejo, Bantuk Yogyakarta. The experimental design was strip split plot, with three replication. The treatments were A : Straw mulch (15 ton/ha) as horizontal factor, B : lime (1.8 ton/ha) as vertical factor and kind of organik mutter as sub-sub plot factor (C). Results of the experiment showed that the effect of interaction between mulch, lime and organic matter on bulk density of soil were not significantly different. The mulch increased the soil moisture content. The best growth and production of peanut was found on plot with mulch, no lime and glericidea application (Al B2 C3) : 2.41 ton/ha, followed by plot with mulch, lime and glericide (Al B1 C3) : 1,84 ton/ha. Mulch increased the production of peanut by 39.70 % while glericide and munggur are 18.75 and 20.14, respectively. Key words : organic matter, mulch, improved soil physical, increased productrivity.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Jurnal > Jurnal i-lib UGM
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Date Deposited: 26 Aug 2013 06:25
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